Morten Svendsen

Morten Svendsen, born in 1966, became cabinet maker in the mid 80’ties. Right from the early years, he was dedicated to furniture design, loved to draw, design and make his own furniture. In the beginning family and friends benefitted from these designs coming out from his little workshop. As years passed by and after more employments in different furniture factories, it became a profession, and in 1996 he bought the furniture factory PBJ in Rødding – Spøttrup.

Since then, he has been head of manufacturing and sales of the gorgeous Danish design at PBJ Designhouse, and together with other designers, he has made lots of new collections.

The process of developing a furniture design from idea, through prototype to a finished product, is very close to his heart. Ideas for new designs frequently pop up during runs in the countryside, or inspiration suddenly hits during travels around the world.

Morten is keen to choose designs based on his personal taste, but also in accordance with the market needs. He prefers to develop functional designs with tasteful and simple expressions.

In 2018 – same year as the 50-year anniversary of PBJ – Morten designed a complete dining room series – which has earned two important awards: The German Design Awards in 2019 and The Iconic Award in 2020. At the same time, the table obtained Utility Model Protection.

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