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Materials & care

Durable furniture - for life

With many years in the furniture industry, we provide you with top-notch quality.

We ensure you timeless furniture of very high quality with a passion for creating furniture in Danish Design, which combined with a high level of well-thought-out processing, warrants products of the finest craftsmanship and finish.

We develop furniture with respect for our nature and we are focused on doing our best to incorporate sustainability into all processes.


We have placed great emphasis on finding suppliers who manufacture leather in a sustainable way in relation to people and the environment.

In our range you can choose from beautiful skins of controlled origin that are produced with ecologically sustainable methods.

Our leather is all semi aniline type, where the leather has been given a surface treatment that maintains the leather’s natural look and structure, but at the same time more maintenance-friendly.

For the maintenance of your furniture, we refer to our care guide.


Our selection of wood is always the best quality. Which means that the wood must have the correct humidity levels, fewest possible knots and of course come from state approved forestry.

The reason for producing furniture with veneer is twofold. Firstly, it reduces the use of solid timber thereby conserving natural resources. Second, the chipboard or MDF that the veneer covers, is made with recycled wood which is better for the environment whilst still ensuring a strong and high-quality surface.

All our timber and veneer are carefully hand sorted so the natural grain patterns and colour variations are as authentic as possible.

– it makes our customers happier…

For the maintenance of your furniture, we refer to our care guide.


We always strive to have the finest fabrics from the leading suppliers.

We have several fabrics that are produced from 100% recyclable materials, and at the same time live up to our high requirements for wear and tear, fading, etc.

In our color selection you will easily find a fabric and a color that suits no matter which chair design you choose and whether you prefer light Nordic woods, or maybe black or walnut.

For the maintenance of your furniture, we refer to our care guide.

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