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Terms and conditions

About PBJ Designhouse

PBJ Designhouse has been an exponent of Denmark´s proud traditions in furniture since 1968

The PBJ Collection is Original Danish designs by PBJ Architects

The PBJ Collection is constructed, developed and manufactured in our own factory - in accordance with and in respect of proud Danish cabinet maker traditions.

Each individual furniture is composed and assembled according to individual order - though as to logistical reasons legs and bases will come seperately and needs

assembly on location.

Danish craftsmanship and knowhow - PBJ standards:

We fit our cabinets with adjusting feet screws to guarantee precise adjustment of fronts.

We attach importance to craftsmanlike details such as finger and mitre joint assembly.

We carefully sort veneer and solid wood by colour manually to ensure harmonious and welcoming overall expression

All visible edges and surfaces - also inside drawers and on the bottom and rear side of all furniture - are solid, lined with veneer, solid coloured or painted so our

furniture are an exclusive and fully finished piece of craftsmanship. All the way.

General terms of sale and delivery

PBJ Designhouse sells exclusively through resellers, and not to B2C.

All below mentioned conditions cover all offers, sales and deliveries from PBJ Designhouse, also if buyer prescribes different conditions, and are valid if nothing else

is stated in writing. The conditions are valid from 1st of January 2020 and until further notice from PBJ Designhouse ApS.

All product informations are referred to current pricelists, homepage of PBJ Designhouse www.pbjdesignhouse.com as well as PBJ’s Terminology.


All written offers from PBJ Designhouse are valid 30 days from issue, unless otherwise clearly stated in the offer.


Pictures, price information and content shown in this website may be subject to errors or discontinued products. When placing an on-line order our customers will receive an official order confirmation with delivery times indicated. The order confirmation will be the insurance that the right products is orderd so please verify this.

Written order confirmation implies a binding agreement. If buyer objects to this confirmation, this shall be notified Seller within 2 days from date of Order confirmation.

Any subsequent change may imply a longer delivery time.

Purchase orders with for instance combinations of coloured components have to be specified in writing with drawings to PBJ Designhouse. If the following

confirmation is not with objections, this will be valid and cannot be void.

Any potential cancellation of orders can only be effected through a written consent from PBJ Designhouse.


Delivery terms agreed upon are specified in accordance with Incoterms 2010 (ICC). Buyer must inspect the goods delivered upon receipt and assure himself about

the state of the goods. Any reason for rejection has to be specified in writing on CMR. Regarding any transport damage, the buyer has to object within 7 days from

receipt of goods. In case of an EXW delivery, buyer has to notify forwarder about the complaint. In case of DDP delivery, buyer has to notify seller immediately about

the complaint and supply photo -documentation.


PBJ Designhouse has the obligation to remedy all defaults due to construction failure, flaws in material or manufacturing, through repairing or supply of spareparts.

This warranty is only valid up to 2 years from date of invoice, and based on normal, residential use. Buyer is obliged to notify (including photo documentation) seller

about this as soon as the defaults or flaws are discovered, addressed to service@pbjdesignhouse.com . PBJ Designhouse is only obliged to forward spareparts etc

to buyers address. PBJ Designhouse is not to be responsible to any financial losses due to the complaints.

The property of the goods delivered, shall remain with seller, until payment in full has been settled.


Date of invoice is equal to date of delivery. Payment shall follow in accordance with the payment term shown and agreed payment term, and can only be done by

paying to the bank account of seller. If buyer wants to return the goods, this can only take place after a written consent from seller, and only by using the original,

undamaged carton. The return shall be DAP Spøttrup.


Any disputes will be dealt with at Danish courts according to sellers choice and according to Danish Law.

PBJ Designhouse ApS, Skovvænget 2, DK-7860 Spøttrup. +45 97 56 12 55 - pbj@pbjdesignhouse.com - VAT DK 32303285


Pictures, price information and content shown in this website may be subject to errors or discontinued products. When in doubt please contact customer service at pbj@pbjdesignhouse.com