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Fusion receives Award

PBJ Designhouse receives German Design Award special 2021

We are proud to announce the receipt of the German Design Award special 2021 for our table FUSION.

The German Jury stated: “The Fusion table stands out compared to other design tables with the interesting Intarsia veneer, which combined with the narrow edge profile and modern veneered base, looks very elegant and sophisticated. A beautiful piece of furniture that fits into many modern design homes, and always will be an eye catcher.”

The Fusion table is designed by the Danish cabinetmaker and owner of PBJ Designhouse Morten Svendsen. Morten says: “I wanted to make a table that was completely different from other tables we see on the market. I was inspired by the use of Intarsia in the past, at the same time wanted a modern and futuristic expression, which led to the beautiful asymmetrical design, modern and light profile, and beautiful legs. I am really happy for receiving this award, and for the success, the table already has had with our customers all over the world.”

The Fusion tables are available in 2 boat-shaped sizes (175 cm and 220 cm) and in 2 sizes round tables (122 cm and 140 cm in diameter) all with possibility for extension plates. The extension plates for the boatshaped sizes comes in a special drawer box – to be mounted under the 220 cm table. The beautiful metal legs can be chosen with or without veneer inserts, and the placement of the legs makes it easy to place all types of chairs. The tabletops can be chosen with Intarsia (only 220 cm) or straight veneer in walnut or oak, in solid oak, or with Fenix, HPL or linoleum in a wide range of colors. The veneer tabletops are all treated with PU lacquer which protect against scratches, heat and moisture, and this lacquer protects well against color changes due to light incidence.

PBJ Designhouse was established in 1968 by Per Buhl Jørgensen. Since 1996, Morten Svendsen has continued the proud design and craft tradition, and the company has invested in larger production capacity to be able to follow the demand.

PBJ Designhouse has a tradition of bringing together architects and cabinetmakers since 1968. This has turned the company into an exponent of Denmark’s proud traditions in furniture, the result reaches new heights.

All wood used at PBJ Designhouse comes from state-controlled and approved forestry, where all wood is individually selected and harvested with care.

Press Release 02-11-2020

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