René Hougaard - ARDE

René Hougaard

Architect - ARDE Design

Since 2003 René Hougaard, who is an educated architect, has been working with some of the world’s leading industrial design and furniture companies, where he has developed a fine approach to Danish design.

He opened his own Design Studio in 2014 – Arde Design Studio – where he has made a lot of new designs, which at the same times are art, functionality and beauty.

René Hougaard comes from a creative family, that includes both acclaimed writers as well as cabinetmakers and architects, so his profession has always been in the cards and has been a passion throughout his life.

Arde Design Studio is located in Herning, in the middle of Jutland, but he finds inspiration for new designs everywhere, from fashion, music and food. His own expression is, that a typical Arde design is an artistic approach to design combined with well-considered solutions that ensure a good user experience. Furthermore, a great desire to promote technical and sustainable development.