PBJ Designhouse

Quality Furniture with a Conscience

With many years in the furniture industry we have a strong opinion on what we work with and how we work with it.

This begins with the selection of wood and raw materials. We always make certain that it is the best quality. Which means, for example, that the wood must have the correct moisture levels, fewest possible knots and of course come from a state approved forestry.

We often produce furniture with veneers. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, it reduces the use of solid timber therefore conserving natural resources. Second, the particleboard or MDF that the veneers cover are made with recycled wood which is better for the environment whilst still produces a strong and high-quality surface.

All our timber and veneers are carefully handsorted so the natural grain patterns and colour variations are as natural as possible. We always use same veneer for a tabletop or the complete front of a sideboard. This produces better furniture, and we, as professionals take pride in this and, it makes our customers happier...